Update 25: The Jovian Concord – The Review

Every mainline update to Warframe brings several major changes to the game, whether in the form of new game modes, new warframes, new bosses, or whatever the case may be. Update 25, or the release known as “The Jovian Concord” was one such update. At first glance, it may seem like a minimal change to the game as a whole – essentially it began as a refresh of the tileset itself. Essentially a new coat of paint.

But it turned out to be so much more.

How you may actually feel about the content is up to you, of course, but realistically it can be evaluated from one of two perspectives – that of long- and short-term players. Although I fit well and truly into the long-term player mold at this stage of my Warframe career, I will attempt to review this new content from the perspective of both types of consumers.

Tileset Refresh

The old Jupiter tileset was one of the oldest in the game, and in some areas, it showed. The tiles lacked detail, and often included very simple structures (that were likely not simple at the time the structures were designed). It was also designed prior to Parkour 2.0, so there was little need to jump about the environment – it was very straightforward and enclosed.

The new tileset is very different – far more open, detailed, and complex. But not only does this open up the tileset to more acrobatic maneuvering, it also makes it feel larger and more oppressive.

Resembling the Cloud City from Star Wars, negotiating certain areas can be frustrating – for new and old players alike. Old players may like the challenge, but I expect that more than a few newer players will find the new navigation a little confronting at times.

In addition to all this, though, are a few new obstacles – laser doors that release gas when activated; gas canisters, which release gas into environment over a lengthy period of time; extendable platforms – there’s quite a lot to look out for, which makes it far more engaging and interactable for players.

However, in the end, it’s simply a new tileset. With the exception of Spy missions (which, for older players, are thankfully all new), they still play out much the same once you’ve played through them a few times. And with all-new painfully rare resources (Hexanon, I’m looking at you), farming Jupiter is more frustrating than ever – not only is Hexanon itself a pain in the butt to farm, but it almost feels like Oxium drop rates have reduced as well, or at least it seems harder to farm.

amalgam enemy

New Enemy Type: Amalgams

The Amalgams are precisely what the name implies – a mix of species. Essentially a cross between the Corpus and the Sentients, the Amalgam enemies are somewhat horrific in appearance, most of which resemble insectoid creatures or fleshy bugs. They have their own specific and strange attack patterns, but for the most part, they aren’t overly challenging in themselves. New players may find them challenging initially, but I don’t see that initial confusion lasting for very long.

New Game Mode: Disruption

Disruption is interesting – it’s a new endless game mode, which means that once the initial phase is complete, players can choose to either extract or continue. This is very welcome for more experienced players, especially because the mode is quite fun.

Playing out like a more complex form of Mobile Defence, players need to kill certain enemies (always Amalgam enemies), who will then drop a key that is colour matching to a local console (red, blue, white, or cyan). Taking that key to the console will kick off a Defence phase, along with a random buff or debuff. During this phase, players need to keep an eye out for a specific enemy called the Demolyst, which will hunt down the console with the intention to destroy it with an explosion. If it succeeds, the console is lost. This is repeated four times per phase, with rewards provided at the end.

Thankfully, the console Defence phases are relatively short, and teams that are vigilant for the Demolyst will smash through the phases quite quickly. Further, the buff/debuffs are really what makes this mode most interesting, and I do feel this is a very successful addition to the game – I’d like to see more Disruption missions available.

Newer players will be unable to undertake Disruption missions until they have completed Natah. And when they do, it’s likely to be a complex challenge for them, with enemies scaling relatively quickly in difficulty. But it’s not an easy mission to play without good communication.

On a separate note, Disruption released with an event and Clan Challenge as well – by playing for as long as possible, players were rewarded with new Vandal weapons (Glaxion and Something Vandal, which we’ll touch on later in this article). By playing this A LOT, players could also unlock a statue for their clan dojo. While this did give players a reasonable challenge, acquiring the weapons is not impossible should this event ever return, so I recommend giving it a shot.

wisp warframe

New Warframe: Wisp

Wisp is a frame whose Abilities don’t necessarily match her name – at least not initially. Some of her Abilities are plant-like in nature – with the ability to drop flower-like pods that can attach to allies to provide certain buffs. Others are far more “Wisp”-like – including an Ability to send an ethereal vision of Wisp off in the direction of casting, drawing enemy fire.

In addition, she has a stun that creates damaging motes for every affected enemy, and can channel… the Sun. Yes, she can open a portal to the surface of the Sun, frying all those that lay in her wake.

While these Abilities are somewhat disparate and strange when you initially come across them, it doesn’t take long for most players to come to appreciate them for the power that it provides them. Wisp is both an amazing Support frame and DPS frame in her own right.

Although she is content locked (i.e., you need to have reached a certain point within the game in order to be able to farm for her components), she is most definitely worth hunting down as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

New Boss: The Ropalolyst

The new boss on Jupiter is a brand new Eidolon – a flying variant that has been lovingly referred to as the Flydolon by the community since being originally shown off during TennoCon 2018. However, the fight mechanics are… very different. Rather than rely on players increasing their power in order to smash through a large bullet sponge, players need to work together to complete some very specific challenges that will destroy the Ropalolyst by use of the environment itself – for the most part, at least.

While this is really interesting, and an enjoyable challenge for new and old players alike, it quickly loses its appeal – players will really only need to tackle this boss enough times to collect the Wisp blueprints, and that’s about all… Still – it’s a really different boss fight, and very much provides several hero moments for players to enjoy.

New Mods/Mod Sets

The Jovian Concord brought with it a few new mod sets to play with, and you can read our initial thoughts on them here. From my perspective, though, most of them are somewhat gimmicky – none of the new mods really provide enough bonus to replace something potentially more important in a specific build.

However, I’m not really sure that’s what they are intended for. I get the feeling that DE is providing players with a tool kit for a sandbox – you don’t need to use these mods on long-term Survivals, but if you wanted to just have some fun and try something different, then there’s definitely something here for you.

For that reason, I don’t really feel as if these new mods have newer players in mind. Sure, new players might find them interesting and give them a shot, their limited understanding as to the nuances of certain Abilities may mean that these players miss their value. Older players, on the other hand, can probably immediately see the value in a mod such as Proton Jet, for example, which provides 120% increased Status and Critical Chance on Wall Latch.

For my money, though, the new Amalgam weapon augments are what I was hunting for – particularly the Amalgam Ripkas True Steel, which increases the Ripkas Critical Chance and Gore Factor (I know, right?), while at the same time increasing Reload Speed on Shotguns. I’m sold on that one, personally.

Still, even that mod is fairly niche, with the Ripkas themselves not really being a super popular weapon.

warframe gear

New Equipment (weapons, helmets, armour)

This update brought a whole bunch of new kit – from new weapons and armour, to the Nyx Deluxe skin, and more. However, if we look at the new weapons only (the amazing Fulmin, Komorex, and Cyanex), the Hexanon requirements alone are enough to put off new and old players alike – older players will understand the farming requirements perhaps a little more, while newer players may simply put these weapons off… straight into the “too hard” basket.

On the other hand, the new Vandal weapons (the Glaxion and Spectra Vandal) are much easier to acquire, provided you can get through the challenge set by Operation: Hostile Mergers. The Spectra isn’t really worth writing home about, in my opinion, but the Glaxion Vandal really has some potential to it. Still, I think with 5 new weapons, this was a solid update to the Tenno arsenal.

To be honest, the Jovian Concord added quite a lot of new content to Warframe, but I would probably argue that this is of more value to newer players. Older players, who have already farmed this section of the Star Chart, are definitely likely to come back and check out the new additions, but once they’ve gotten their fill of Disruption and the Ropalolyst (and unlocked their shiny new Wisp and Fulmin, I would suggest), it’s unlikely that they would come back again.

Still, I hold out hope that we will see Disruption modes added to other nodes on the Star Chart, and I especially look forward to seeing Disruption if and when it is ever added to Arbitrations.

Overall, a great addition to Warframe, but perhaps not enough to keep lapsing players from… relapsing.

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