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Alad V fled across the Desert, and the Gunslinger followed. Born of his Mutalist experimentation, Mesa, the Outcast and Wielder of the Exalted Regulator Pistols, first stood opposed to the Tenno with Update 15.5 back in November 2014 with Operation: Mutalist Incursions. Later in December 2018, the Enforcer, Mesa Prime joined the fray. It was the first Prime Warframe to have it’s own Alt-Helmet as well, though it was only available with Prime Access.

To gather the blueprints you’ll have to take on Mutalist Alad V, an Assissination Mission node on Eris that unlocks after you complete the Patient Zero Quest. Her main Blueprint is purchased from the Market for 30,000 Credits, or you may buy her Pre-Built for 325 Platinum. Her components are fairly cheap resource-wise; you’ll need an Argon Crystal for her Systems but otherwise if you’re at Eris you’ll likely have enough of everything else. The main catch is that to go after Alad V you’ll have to build Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Keys similar to the Derelict Keys. Building these requires the Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates, battle pay for taking on Infested Invasions as well as Derelict Endless Rotation Rewards or Derelict and Hive Sabotage Cache Rewards.


Mesa’s Passive, Marksman’s Dexterity, has a bit of a twist to it. If you are willing to set forth without a Melee, you’ll receive +15%/+25% to your Dual/One Handed Secondaries. Additionally, you’ll receive an extra 50 Health to your pool giving a little more survivability. Later on, keeping enemies at Range isn’t much of a problem, so departing without a Melee is worth considering.

Ballistic Battery

Trigger this ability to charge a shell of damage based on what you deal out. A percentage of Damage dealt, maxing out at 70%, will be stored in a single charge. This charge is fed from your Primary, Secondary, Gunblade shots, as well as Regulators. This will also include Damage from Multi-shots, Crits, and Procs. Activating the ability a second time will send the stored charge into your next shot, dealing out a maximum of 1600 additional damage. The damage will take on the same Damage Composition, including Elementals, as the weapon used, but will not be boosted by that weapon’s damage mods. Note though, this damage is only applied to a Single Pellet, so only one hit from a Pellet Shotgun or Multi-shot will get the boost. In the case of Continuous Beam Weapons, the charge applies as long as you continue to hit the same target or deplete your Magazine. Though it can be charged with the Gunblades, it cannot be discharged through them.

Augmenting with Ballistic Bullseye will add additional Status Chance to the Charged Shot based on when it is recast. At Max Level with 100% Charge it will grant a 100% Status Chance Bonus. Otherwise, Duration mods have no effect on this ability nor does Range as that is dependent on your Weapon. If you’re going to mod for this ability Strength is the way to go.

mesa ballistic battery

Shooting Gallery

Every Gunslinger needs a lasso right? How about one that boosts damage while jamming weapons? At Max Rank, Shooting Gallery will boost your Weapon Damage by 25% for 30 seconds. Additionally this effect will transfer between your Squadmates one at a time, granting them the boost as well for a portion of your entire Duration. The Damage Boost will also extend to your Regulators as well as Amps. Enemies that come within 16m, at Max Rank, may be hit by the lasso every 1.5 seconds. Ranged weapons they carry will be jammed and melee units will be stunned, making both stop and recover.

Augmenting with Muzzle Flash causes the lasso to give off burst when transferring between Players. The flash will Blind enemies out to a max of 8m for 7 seconds. The ability is affected by all four modding paths, so you can tune it to your style.

mesa shooting gallery

Shatter Shield

Enveloping herself in Energy, Shatter Shield reflects both Damage and Status Effects back at enemies. At Max Rank, 80% of the damage sent towards Mesa will be redirected, not always to its source based on where enemies are positioned within its 11m Range. The Shield also protects you from Projectile knockdown and will even reflect Bombard rockets. Unfortunately, ground blasts such as those of the Shockwave MOA’s will still get through. Other nearby explosions will also bypass its effect. Keep an eye on your timer though, Shatter Shield will only last 25 seconds at Base Max Rank, and it cannot be recast while active.

Augmenting with Staggering Shield will give up to a 50% chance to Stagger enemies with reflected bullets. Otherwise, like her 2, Shooting Gallery is affected by all four mod paths. One key detail, if you mod for Ability Strength, there is a hard-cap of 95% Damage Reduction

mesa shatter shield


At Rank 10 you gain access to Mesa’s Exalted Weapon, twin pistols known as the Regulators. While holding down your fire button, Mesa will automatically fire an unlimited stream of bullets at any targets you line up in the reticle up to 50m away. As you fire, your targeting reticle will decrease, requiring a bit more aim, but in exchange you receive a damage bonus up to 150% after 20 rounds. Your Firerate will also increase with each shot, leading to an onslaught of bullets. Additionally, each round has a 300% Crit Multiplier, 25% Crit Chance, and 10% Status Chance across a 50%/25%/25% I/P/S damage split. This ability does come at a cost, though. Using the Regulators causes Mesa to stand her ground, fixing you in place. This will make you an easy target for Ranged Enemies so be sure to activate Shooting Gallery and Shatter Shield to increase your Survivability. You can activate Peacemaker while moving though. Doing so after Bullet Jumping, for example, will allow you to fire while still maintaining some mobility.

Augmenting with Mesa’s Waltz removes one of the main obstacles, allowing you to move at up to 50% your speed. Though still slow by normal movement, it makes a large difference being able to get around cover for yourself or draw a bead on hiding enemies. As this is a channeled ability, Duration and Efficiency mods can greatly increase how long you maintain the Regulators. Adding Strength will push your Damage Bonus higher while Range will alter your Reticle Field of View.

The Regulators themselves are not tied to how you mod for Ability Strength. Instead, they are tied to how you modded your Secondary Weapon. Putting on Fire Rate mods is also very beneficial to ramp the boost up faster and further up your DPS. Remember, you have Unlimited Ammo and never have to Reload, so you can fire continuously as long as you have the Energy.

mesa peacemaker


mesa stats
mesa prime stats

Both Mesa and Mesa Prime are among the high Base Health frames. Upgrading to Mesa Prime will give you a 405 point pool versus Mesa Non-Prime’s 375. You’ll also go from 65 Armor and 150 Energy to Mesa Prime’s 85 Armor and 188 Energy. Mesa Prime also adds a Madurai (V) and Vazarin (D) polarity to the Mod Table alongside the original pair of Naramon (-) and Madurai (V) Aura slots.

Mesa, the Outcast, the Gunslinger, the Enforcer. She has been giving many names in the years, along with the saying “carry her to 10 and she’ll carry you to the end”. Her control of damage is at the top of the class. And with her Regulators she can obliterate almost any target with a glance. She awaits you in Late-game, and is worth farming without question.

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