Warframe’s new cinematic introduction

warframe intro

Warframe – now at nearly 7 years since initially released to the public in Open Beta – has quite the complex history. While it is now starting to congeal into a cohesive form, with an exciting main story arc and plenty of lore surrounding it,  the early game has always been an issue. 

For one, there hasn’t been much of an introduction, to date. Yes, there is a kind of ephermeral Lotus that introduces players to some of the components of the story, it’s hard to conceptualise, and many players get lost very quickly. In addition to that, Vor’s Prize, the initial quest, isn’t all that engaging.

Well – it looks like all of that is about to change. At first, we were teased with a shortened version of a trailer that was shown off at the start of select screenings of the new Spiderman movie. This was filmed by sneaky Tenno in US cinemas and shared online, but it wasn’t all that clear.

At TennoCon 2019, DE showed off the whole trailer – in all its 6-minutes of glory. Director Dan Trachtenberg (of 10 Cloverfiled Lane fame) also joined the team on stage to describe what it was like to create this new vision.

Outlining several events from multiple viewpoints, the video provides players with a look into the Old War, but also demonstrates warframe Abilities to new players before they make their initial choice. This will provide some real grounding to the story for both new and old players, but will also make the choice of warframe more meaningful for those just picking it up.

Of course, how things go from there is still unknown, as we aren’t sure if the game will then just continue into Vor’s Prize. Based on what happens in this trailer, I doubt it will, but only time will tell.

This isn’t expected to hit the game until later this year or early 2020, so it is still a work in progress (or at least, the larger vision for the new player experience is still a work in progress).

Watch the new trailer below.

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