Weapon 101 – Dera / Dera Vandal

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The Dera is a Corpus laser rifle with an automatic trigger… and is sadly nothing to write home about. Visually, the Dera is interesting and while firing the laser charges can be seen to fire out of the top and bottom barrels in an alternating pattern. The Dera can often be seen in the hands of Corpus Crewman; however, as with most other enemy munitions the Tenno adopt, the version available from the Dojo Energy Lab seems to be a marked improvement upon the standard issue corpus repeater.

How to Acquire

As mentioned above, the Dera is available from the Dojo Energy Lab for a modest amount of my favorite Invasion-only crafting material and yours — Fieldron — along with one built Forma. Its variant, the Dera Vandal, is available in parts from Invasion missions, requiring a Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver, and Stock as well as 25,000 credits.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Fieldron
    Fieldron 2
  • Circuits
    Circuits 400
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 4,500
  • Forma
    Forma 1

Stats by Variant

dera stats
dera vandal stats

The Dera has a total base Damage of 30, consisting mostly of Puncture Damage, making it slightly better against Armored targets. It is exceptionally accurate, being a laser rifle, and boasts a base 22% Status Chance and fire rate of 11.25 rounds per second. It’s a laser light show that packs a decent punch if you invest the right mods.

The Dera Vandal improves on the base model by adding 2 more points of overall Damage, reducing recoil to almost nil, and an increased Status Chance of 30%, which can be modded to reach a total of 100%. This laser light show looks slightly better with a Lotus symbol on the side.

Crit or Status?

For both variants it looks to be most advantageous to boost Status Chance while also adding on Elemental Damage types. These should vary based on enemy type or personal preference, or you could cram as many elements into your build as possible and add even more Damage to this little pea machine gun.

Simple and sleek, the Dera is not the most exciting of all weapons in Warframe, but given the right build and enough investment and it could carry a player all the way through the Star Chart and to lands beyond.

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