Weapon 101 – Quartakk

Forged by the Grineer, the Quartakk is a Burst-Fire Rifle with fairly decent stats all around. Unloading 4 rounds at a time, it can deal out some significant Damage when tuned. A little tricky to get your hands on, but definitely worth giving a try.

How to Acquire

Getting Quartakk is a bit RNG dependent. Unless you pick it up from the Market pre-built for 210 Platinum, you will have to head over to the Plains to find it.  Here, the Blueprint can be rewarded by Konzu for Bounties during the Ghoul Purge, and also dropped by the Ghoul Auger Alphas. To build, you will need some Fersteel Alloy, which requires a Rank 2 Ostron Blueprint from Old Man Suumbaat. After that, the Neural Sensors are your gating resource, with Jupiter being the first farming planet. The final key to building the Quartakk is getting to MR10, so you’ll need a few pieces of gear under your belt before breaking this out.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Grokdrul
    Grokdrul 75
  • Fersteel Alloy
    Fersteel Alloy 15
  • Salvage
    Salvage 12,450
  • Neural Sensors
    Neural Sensors 5


quartakk stats

Quartakk has a few tricks in the barrel, making it a pretty decent weapon. Most notably, it is treated as a burst-fire weapon rather than multi-pellet weapon. As a result, the base Damage of 49 is the Damage per bullet, allowing you to send out 196 Damage with each Shot. Your base Damage is pretty evenly split across IPS, so you can tune this weapon to the Damage type of your choice. Additionally, it’s high Status Chance, sitting at 27%, does not get split between the bullets, unlike most Shotguns. Add in it’s large Ammo magazine and maximum with a quick reload speed and you can keep the rounds flying.

As a note, you’ll need to adjust your targeting a bit. The 4 rounds fire in a square formation around the crosshair, rather than directly on its centerpoint. Not a large deal for most targets, but some of the smaller foes may require aiming offsets. If you take a liking to Quartakk, keep an eye out for a Riven. It currently has a high Riven Disposition, so there is some hidden power there to unlock.

Crit or Status?

Quartakk starts off with a 27% Status Chance, but also with a 19% Crit Chance. With its even IPS spread you can mod Quartakk to taste. If you pack on all 4 60/60 Mods and Hammer Shot, you can get to 100% Status Chance at the cost of 5 Mod Slots. Since your percentage isn’t split between the bullets, extra fire speed for a higher DPS will also get you more chances at Procs balancing out a <100% Chance. However, you will get the twin Elemental Damage and extra Crit damage if you go that route.

Quartakk is a little gem of a rifle waiting out for you in the Plains. If you usually avoid the Ghoul Purge, it’s worth going on a few runs to pick this up and give it a try. The material grind isn’t bad, and with its base stats, as long as you like rifles mod to taste.

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