Episode 55 – Dog Days

It was an interesting week in Warframe this week – we got some little updates during the week on all platforms, but more than that, DE dropped a completely new and very strange event on us this weekend! They’ve called the event “Dog Days” and it’s intended as a light-hearted PvE Arena event with water guns, and while it is very light on game mode content, the grind for the collectibles is real. The Cephalons have a good chat about what this has brought to the game, and where we’d like to see some of the ideas implemented here evolve to…


  • News: PC, Xbox, PS4 and Switch updates, new [DE]constructing podcast episode, and some weekend events!
  • Discussion: Dog Days, what we like, don’t like, and where we’d like to see an event like this evolve to from here
  • Beginner topic: tips to get through the mid-game power slump
  • Advanced topic: farmable ephemera

Episode Notes:

The update that includes the Quatz Collection hit PS4 and Xbox early in the week- go get that Quatz!

UI change – When rerolling rivens, you’ll now be able to see the stats of the items the riven fits into (IF you have it)… so you don’t have to keep going back and forth!

The Wukong Deluxe skin hit PC this week!

The Warframe Discord now has links to other official Discord channels – sadly not ours… yet?

A bigger updte than was released to the other consoles, Switch received their Quatz update later in the week, along with a bunch of TennoGen, and performance improvements!

A new episode of [DE]constructing is out – this time with some of the Game Designers discussing Railjack and the Tennolive demo!

DE raised $250,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association this year!

Double Credit weekend – enjoy the Index! Ends Aug 6.

The Dog Days Tactical Alert event is on now until Aug 12! It’s fun for a little while, but there are some pretty good rewards! Definitely recommend you try it out for a break to the usual routine

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