Episode 56 – Bring back old events!

It’s Episode 56, and there was no Devstream this week due to public holidays in Canada. As a result, the Cephalons have gone through some recent questions from listeners and pulled out a few choice topics to discuss throughout the episode. There’s a lot of good stuff covered here!


  • News: new TennoGen stuff for artists, Pyrus Project on Switch, new Hotfix on PC and Nightwave Episode 3! Plus more!
  • Discussion: Wouldn’t it be nice to replay old events, even if only to experience the old lore?
  • Beginner Topic: Disruption game mode guide
  • Advanced Topic: Melee slams & blocking

Episode Notes:

Next Devstream Aug 16

New items available for TennoGen – whips and Chest Armor!

Pyrus Project up on Switch – rebuild the StrataRelay! Running until Aug 14.

New PC Hotfix brings changes to 22 augments and new loadout screens!

Nightwave Episode 3 has been released!

TennoVIP is coming to Tokyo during TGS! It will be held in Akihabara (where else?) at the Three Monkeys Cafe on September 14!

The Featured Dojo contest is live yet again – enter to win the chance to have your Dojo featured in game!

New TennoGen factions are available – Ostron, Solaris, and Sentient!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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