Episode 57 – Devstream 130

It’s Episode 57, and time for another Devstream!

Apparently, this is the last Devstream for a while, so I think we Cephalons need to track down some interviews!

Still, there’s a lot of great content coming our way in the coming weeks. Check out this episode to hear more about what was shown off on the Devstream


  • News: Wukong Deluxe update in cert for consoles
  • Discussion: Devstream 130
  • Beginner Topic: Why should beginner players consider Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis?
  • Advanced Topic: Life Regen

Episode Notes:

The Wukong Deluxe Update for consoles is now in cert! This includes the Wukong Samadhi Collection, the Tekelu weapon skins, the Augment changes, and more!

Equinox and Ivara Deluxe skins:

Grendel’s Abilities:

Changes coming to Disruption mode:

Devstream 130

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