Episode 58 – Chat with iFlynn

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When iFlynn announced he was quitting Warframe this week, it was big news across the Warframe community, as he has been a mainstay and a popular Content Creator for several years now. We reached out to him to have a chat about this decision, and to thank him for the work he has put in to help new players over the last few years.

It was a great chat – he has obviously put a lot of thought into his decision. We wish him well on his future endeavors!

Of course, we have all of our regular segments as well, so it’s a bumper episode!


  • News: updates, changes to the Vault, Shawzin Hero, PC Mainline…
  • Discussion: iFlynnterview
  • Beginner Topic: Gilding
  • Advanced Topic: Strain Set Showcase

You can check out iFlynn’s content below:

Episode Notes:

The Wukong Deluxe Update hit PS4 and Xbox earlier in the week, followed soon after by Switch!

Nyx and Rhino Prime are re-entering the Vault as of September 3rd! This will be followed very quickly by the unvaulting of… saryn and Valkyr Prime! Interesting!There are also some other potential changes coming, but these are yet to be announced…

The Shawzin will now have sheet music as well… so yes – Shawzin Hero is now coming to Warframe, for better or worse…

Details on the next PC mainline are in the Remote Observer… and it looks like this update is to be released this coming week!

During the week, popular (and longtime) Warframe Partner announced that he will be retiring from Warframe, effective immediately.

On Prime Time this week, Rebb and Megan discussed a new rewardcoming with the updates to Disruption – Echoes of Umbra. Tactical Potato has created a video looking into this that’s worth checking out.

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