Mini 31 – Nezha

warframe podcast nezha

Nezha, the child god, with Fire Wheels on his feet, and a Divine Spear, he must be pretty awesome, right?

Well… Yeah, actually. While he is a bit slidey (blame the wheels), he’s got a really solidkit – you can’t go wrong with Nezha. Not only does he tank a hell of a lot of Damage, he can also give it right back AND support his team all the while.

Find out how!

Nezha Abilities:

  • Passive – Frictionless
  • 1 – Fire Walker 
  • 2 – Blazing Chakram 
  • 3 – Warding Halo
  • 4 – Divine Spears
  • Pyroclastic Flow
  • Reaping Chakram
  • Safeguard

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