Mini 32 – Nidus

warframe podcast

What do you get when you take a Warframe, and cross it with the infestation? Nidus, of course! With a face only a mother could love, he must have something going for him, right?

Hell yeah he does. A lot, actually. Have a listen to find out why Nidus is a very popular frame, with support, DPS, and high survivability all in the mix for those who know how.

Nidus Abilities:

  • Passive – Adaptive Mutation
  • 1 – Virulence 
  • 2 – Larva
  • 3 – Parasitic Link
  • 4 – Ravenous
  • Teeming Virulence 
  • Larva Burst
  • Insatiable

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