Weapon 101 – Daikyu

When you’re looking for Stealth, Daikyu is a great option. This Tenno Longbow is one of the best Bows in the game. Easy to get your hands on once you have the Rank, Daikyu is very well rounded and can be modded to taste.

How to Acquire

Daikyu is a Clan Tech Weapon available from your Tenno Lab. You’ll have to finish off your Akstiletto Research first, but there are no other prerequisites beyond that. Like most Clan Tech, you will need a Forma to build it in your Foundry, while the other resources are available early on. You will need to reach MR10 before you can replicate the Blueprint so you’ll probably be looking to get this Mid-Game.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Neurodes
    Neurodes 2
  • Forma
    Forma 1
  • Rubedo
    Rubedo 300
  • Salvage
    Salvage 1,200


daikyu stats

If you are a fan of Bows, Daikyu is worth adding to your Arsenal. It has some of the highest base Damage, second only to Lenz. Unlike a lot of weapons, it has a near even split amongst the IPS Damage types. It also pulls in with a base 20% Crit Chance and 50% Status Chance and guaranteed Impact procs on enemy hits. It does have one drawback in that it can only be fired with a full charge. Releasing your Fire Button or performing other actions will cancel your shot, but this is balanced with it having the fastest arrow Flight Speed tying with Rakta Cernos. Adding a Fire Rate Mod will make a noticable difference and cut your Draw Time in half.

With the Jovian Concord Update from May 2019, Daikyu was one of the 5 weapons to receive a weapon-specific Amalgam Mod. You won’t be able to farm for Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired until after The War Within Quest, so you’ll have to wait until Late-Game to add this to your Station. Once you get a hold of it, you’ll be able to add +75% Headshot Multiplier as well as a 60% Chance to Pickup Used Arrows. The Mod will also add +3% Life Steal to Nikanas if you equip that for your Melee.

Crit or Status?

Daikyu is one of those Weapons you can build how you want. Since it starts with a 50% Status Chance, just two of the 60/60 Mods will get you to 100% Status Chance. A 60/60 Mod with Hammer Shot will also get you to 100% Status Chance and give you a Crit Damage boost. With a high Riven Disposition, you have a great base to build from for a very powerful Bow.

If you’re willing to adjust to the full charge only mechanic, Daikyu is a great Bow to add to your Arsenal. Though it can be a little noticeable when unmodded, adding a Fire Rate Mod will pretty much negate the Draw Time. The only thing really gating you is the MR Lock, so once you have hit the double digits it’s worth swinging by your Lab to grab the Blueprint.

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  1. Great article. I initially did not give the Daikyu much of a chance when I first tried it. It seemed so slow and just “basic” compared to the other bows I have tried.
    I think I’ll be giving it another chance now.

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