Weapon 101 – Ferrox

The Ferrox is one of three spearguns in Warframe. Given its Corpus origin it has a blocky, cyber-tech design and utilizes Electric Damage for its alt-fire mechanic. As this is our first (alphabetically) introduction to the Speargun archetype, it is important to point out that Spearguns in Warframe have a unique secondary fire mode where the Tenno throws the weapon to cause a specific effect. This removes the weapon from their loadout until the alt-fire timer runs out, or the player picks up the weapon again — which forces the player to use only their secondary weapon and melee weapon for a short time.

The Ferrox’s primary fire mode shoots a single laser bolt, while throwing the weapon using alt-fire pulls enemies in and creates a field of Electricity Damage that will arc to enemies within 10 meters for a short time. The alternate fire mode can be employed when the Ferrox is low on ammo and the Tenno requires a distraction to allow them to reposition, while deployed in its alternate fire mode the Ferrox reloads its clip over time and consumes no ammunition.

How to Acquire

The Ferrox is obtained through the Dojo’s Energy (Corpus) lab for 15,000 Credits, but do note that it has an Mastery Rank requirement of MR14.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 30,000
  • Salvage
    Salvage 35,000
  • Fieldron
    Fieldron 5
  • Forma
    Forma 1


ferrox stats

The Ferrox’s primary fire deals primarily Puncture Damage with a high Critical Chance and innate punch through, which is extremely useful in hallways and narrow corridors where enemies will be grouped together.

The alternate fire mode deals primarily Impact Damage in addition to the Electricity Damage dealt in its 10-meter area of effect. The alt-fire has a high Status Chance that can be modified up to 100% with Dual Status mods

Crit or Status?

The Ferrox is another case where building a hybrid combination of both Status and Critical Chance while also boosting Damage for both is the most advantageous route for the weapon’s build. Unfortunately, this will require quite a bit of investment into the weapon to pull off. Depending on individual play style, the Tenno can mod either way and have a very good build for the Ferrox, either relying on its high Critical Chance and punch-through to take down rows of enemies or boosting the Status of its alternate fire to lock down areas, while using a highly efficient secondary weapon like the Atomos to finish the job.

The Ferrox is a shining example of Corpus ingenuity and a very fun weapon to use in general. Its precise primary fire is excellent, innate punch-through is never a bad thing, it’s alt-fire is very fun and useful in more than a few game modes and more important than all that the Ferrox just looks damn cool.

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