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flux rifle warframe

If other Tenno are anything like myself, then once they learn that they can replicate enemy weapons, they get excited and take the shortest possible route to acquire those weapons that have been taking them down over and over and over again – only to be disappointed when those weapons fall short. The Flux Rifle was that weapon until the Great Beam Weapon Uprising of 2018, and now the Flux Rifle is an underappreciated vehicle for Slash Damage slaughter. Many in the community have found a new fondness for the now-effective Flux Rifle, building out its status chance and using Flux Override to achieve big Damage numbers. The Flux Rifle is a battery weapon, meaning it will begin recharging its ammo pool after a short time without firing.

How to Acquire

The Flux Rifle, like most Corpus-themed weapons, is obtained from the Dojo Energy (Corpus) Lab. The Blueprint can be replicated for 15k Credits, but is Mastery locked to MR6.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Circuits
    Circuits 900
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 6,000
  • Fieldron
    Fieldron 5
  • Forma
    Forma 1


flux rifle stats

The Flux Rifle’s Damage is mostly Slash, making it a devastating addition to one’s arsenal since more enemies in Warframe are susceptible to Slash damage than Impact or Puncture. Being a Beam weapon, the Flux Rifle is perfectly accurate and, as a small bonus, it has about a half-metre of punch-through, making it excellent for melting enemies in tight hallways and single-file lines. The beam is limited to a 30-metre maximum range, but this is more than enough for most situations, and this shortcoming can be remedied by the addition of a long-range Secondary weapon (like the Tombfinger). The Flux Rifle is gifted with high Status Chance that can be modded up to 100% with Dual Status mods, which is important as this can result in Slash Procs – arguably one of the best DPS mechanics on any weapon in the game.

Crit or Status?

It would be the most advantageous to build the Flux Rifle for as much Status as you can possibly cram into it. Load it up with Status Chance and watch the Slash Procs flow, melting enemies faster than you can say “Oh dang, the Flux Rifle is actually pretty cool”. Slap in some multi-shot mods and increase the punch-through to see even greater returns when dealing with large numbers of enemies.

The Flux Rifle used to be a laughing stock, with piddly Damage and nothing flashy to speak of. It was a bit like shooting a worn-out Super Soaker full of vinegar… only less effective. After the Beam Rework, the Flux Rifle has received a major boost and is a competitor for Warframe’s Most Underrated Weapon. If you have the Fieldron and some Forma to burn, give the Flux Rifle a try and watch the carnage unfold.

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