Weapon 101 – Heliocor / Synoid Heliocor

Forged by the Cephalons, Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are a hammer pair that feed data to your Codex as you smash enemies. Heliocor, a signature weapon from Cephalon Simaris, is a high Impact Damage dealer second only to Arca Titron. Its sister, Cephalon Suda’s Synoid Heliocor, isn’t as strong but adds a Specter generating effect.

How to Acquire

Both Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are obtained via spending Standing and locked behind MR9. Heliocor can be picked up from the Market pre-built for 160 Platinum if you like, but to farm you’ll have to spend 75,000 Simaris Standing for the Blueprint. You’ll also need to offer a Gammacor as a component, which does require a pair of Argon Crystals and Plastids. The rest of the materials you’ll have access to if you are able to build the Gammacor.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Gammacor
    Gammacor 1
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 700
  • Rubedo
    Rubedo 1,200
  • Morphics
    Morphics 1

Synoid Heliocor is purchasable pre-built when you reach Rank 5, Genius, with Cephalon Suda for 125,000 Standing. It is not available for purchase from the Market, but is Tradeable to and from other players per the other Syndicate Weapons.

Stats by Variant

heliocor stats
synoid heliocor stats

As you may suspect with hammers, both of these weapons dish out most of their base Damage as Impact. Heliocor is the second strongest Hammer in the game, with a Base Damage of 140, with Synoid Heliocor further down the ladder at 120.0. Heliocor also boasts a higher Crit Chance at 25%. Trading in the Damage and Crit Chance, Synoid Heliocor swings with a higher Attack Speed and Status Chance at 20%.

One of the key traits of both hammers is that they perform Codex Scans on fatal strikes. These will consume scanners, so keep an eye on your supplies until you have the Synthesis Scanners with the Sol Battery Widget. Keep in mind though, these count as Codex Scans, not Synthesis Scans. You will not earn Simaris Standing while using these weapons. Also, they cannot be used to “Scan” Simaris Targets, but they can be used on Feral Kavats to obtain Kavat Genetic Codes.

Like the other Syndicate Weapons, Synoid Heliocor has a bonus ability. In this case, it will create a Specter of an Enemy when slain with a Channeled Attack. The spawned Specter will have a Duration of 30 seconds and only 1 may be active at a time. Any other channeled killing blow will not spawn a new Specter until the existing one dispels. Unique enemies such as bosses and wild enemies such as Feral Kavats are also restricted from spawning Specters. When spawned, the Specter can be told to Follow or Hold Position, much like gear-wheel Specters. 

Crit or Status?

As alluded to with the Stats, you do not necessarily want to build these the same way. Simaris’ Heliocor is definitely more geared towards building for Crit. The Synoid Heliocor is ideally built for Status. Also consider some Finisher Mods to land the killing blow for Scans and some Channeling Mods for Synoid Heliocor for spawning Specters.

Both Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are worth pursuing. They’re great for helping you complete your Codex, but even past that they are good weapons and among some of the strongest Melee weapons in the game. You may not have them until Mid or Late Game, but they can still hold their own.

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