Weapon 101 – Soaktron


If you want to gauge your ability to strike and evade, seeking out the Soaktron will put you to the test. Added to the game in August 2019 with the Dog Days Tactical Alert, the Soaktron is an event-specific weapon that will require you to give up all Abilities and equipment (including weapons and companions). During the event mission you will be required to challenge Kela De Thaym’s Executioners in an arena-style water fight, where Victory is determined by those who do the most soaking.

How to Acquire

Use of the Soaktron is restricted to the Dog Days Tactical Alert. Upon mission start, your weapons and Abilities will be removed and you will be granted your new water rifle by Kela De Thaym. It will not cost you any resources for the weapon to participate in the event, so you can just jump in.


The Soaktron is not a heavy hitter when compared to most of our weapons. It has a base Damage of 45, but does have a chance to deal Impact procs on hit. As you fire, the weapon uses up a charge meter in which Projectile Speed and Range will taper off beginning after 10 shots from your 100-round Magazine. These stats will continue to decay until 20 shots are fired, where they will then be minimal. You are able to recharge the Soaktron by pumping it up with Alt-Fire. This may be done at any point and will refill your weapon’s charge by about a third of its total value.

As you cycle between charges, you will also be fully dependent upon fixed location ammo reserves. The Soaktron only has a single Magazine and you will need to seek out Water Geysers in the Arena, much like Energy Orbs found in Rathuum Arena or The Index. Running through one of these Geysers will immediately top off your Magazine in full.

Crit or Status?

You are not able to mod the Soaktron directly, so you are expected to use it at its base stats. Some Tenno have found benefit by equipping the Rifle Amp Aura Mod or certain Set Mods such as Vigilante Armaments, which can increase your DPS based on the mods effects.

Using the Soaktron will put your gunplay skills to the test. It’s just you, the weapon, the surf, and the horde of Executioners. Be confident Tenno, you’ve had to face worse heat than what you’ll find on the Beach. Stay agile, stay hydrated, and you’ll definitely be the Soaker.

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