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stubba tips warframe

Released in Update 22 alongside the Plains of Eidolon, the Stubba is a Grineer Submachine Gun Secondary that unleashes a nice stream of rounds at your foes. Based on Impact and Slash, Stubba is true to its origin and a great choice against the Corpus.

How to Acquire

Unless you buy it pre-built for 190 Platinum (or with the Maggor Assault Pack for 470 Platinum), you’ll be relying on RNG for the Blueprint. Stubba can be obtained from the Ghoul Purge Bounty event or as a drop from Ghoul Rictus Alphas. Material wise, there is nothing very hard to get even early on, as you can get everything on Earth. You’ll need to get the Coprite Alloy Blueprint from Old Man Suumbaat, which can be done at Rank 1 (Offworlder) and also head out for a bit of mining. The weapon does have a MR7 lock on it, so although you can get the materials early, you’ll still need to have a chunk of gear mastered beforehand.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Grokdrul
    Grokdrul 45
  • Coprite Alloy
    Coprite Alloy 25
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 4,485
  • Neurodes
    Neurodes 2


stubba stats warframe

Stubba is pretty straightforward as far as weapons go. It has a base Damage of 33 per round, most of which is split between Impact and Slash. It has a good start for Status Chance at 13%, but it shines with Crit Chance starting at 23%. It has a nice sized Magazine so you do not run out of rounds quickly before reloading. However, its Base Max Ammo only gives you 6 clips to work with, so you may find yourself short around large groups. Stubba doesn’t have any form of alt-fire, so once you have it modded up it’s just point and shoot.

Crit or Status?

With Stubba, building for Crit is the way to go. It starts off with 23%, so just adding Pistol Gambit and Hydraulic Crosshairs can boost you over 80% Crit Chance with a headshot. Swap that for Primed Pistol Gambit and you’ll be at 97% for just the two mods. You may want to throw on an Ammo Maximum boost or bring Carrier along to keep it loaded longer. If you want to add some Status Procs though, Blast or Viral will synergize well.

Stubba is pretty straightforward as far as weapons go – simply point at your enemies and unleash a stream of bullets. It is a fun little sidearm that can dish out some decent DPS once tuned. Keep an eye out for the Ghoul Purge to get a hold of the Blueprint, and by the time you have the MR for it you’ll likely already have the materials to get it building right away.

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