Episode 60 – The State of Warframe

With all the talk of Content Creators leaving the Warframe Partner program recently, we thought we might touch on why some of these people are making these decisions – as well as touch on the fact that plenty of Warframe Partners are still active – business as usual.

What’s the current state of the game, and what do we think about all this? Is there any reason to worry (TL;DL: no, there isn’t). This was intended to be our discussion at PAX this year, but sadly, as our panel submission was unsuccessful, we brought it forward!


  • News: Xbox anniversary, new Disord perk, Nightwave Episode 4, new Prime Vault, Episode 6 of [DE]constructing is out, and DE is attending Twitchcon this year
  • Discussion: The State of Warframe
  • Beginner topic: Hacking and Ciphers
  • Advanced topic: An intro to Sorties

Episode Notes:

It’s the fifth anniversary of Warframe on Xbox – go get your freebies!

Prime Vault is open again! Nyx and Rhino are back in, and Valkyr and Saryn are… back out!

Nightwave Series 2, Episode 4 is out on all platforms, and the story is getting… freaky!

This month’s Discord perk is a 7-day Resource Booster!

DEcontracting podcast episode 6 is out – this time, the team discusses bringing warframe to life with the environment team!

Several members of the team will be at Twitchcon 2019 – more info for those interested in the show notes.

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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