Episode 61 – Revisiting the early game with RavenX99!

With the relative success of the podcast, the Cephalons decided to branch out and play on other platforms – mainly PC and Switch. While they smashed through the content, a member of the CS Discord decided to start out and experience the early game with a different approach in mind.

As a result, we thought it would be a great idea for us all to sit down and have a chat about what we experienced. Thus, we discuss the early game in a fair amount of detail! And even better than that? We brought in a Community Guest to do just that!


  • News: Renown and Esteem packs are out, Saint of Altra gone to cert, some surprises
  • Discussion: Revisiting the early game with Community Guest RavenX99
  • Advanced Topic: Eximus Enemies

Episode Notes:

Renown Pack 17is out on PS4 – Obsidian Syandana and Ephemera, 3-day Affinity & Credit booster, plus platinum

Esteem Pack 3 is out on Switch – Mag Opal skin, Corinth Opal skin (plus Corinth), 3-day Affinity & Credit booster,  plus platinum

Saint of Altra update has been sent to cert for all consoles!

There are some tentative updates coming to Arbitrations… 

Altas Prime! Tekko Prime? Dethcube Prime? DE gave Japanese fans a sneakpeek at upcoming items as part of TenooVIP Tokyo. This fan took some video.

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