Episode 62 – Q4 predictions

With half the team still off on vacation following Tokyo Game Show, it was another quiet week. So we’ve got a nice, stress-free (for the most part) episode for you this week! We are expecting a Devstream next week (or should I say we are hoping for one?), so we decided to give our predictions for what’s to come to Warframe for the rest of 2019!


  • News: TennoGen r17 has been shown off, Review bombing on Steam, Wukong Prime Access ending October 1, Shawzin competition, Vauban rework…
  • Discussion: what we expect for the rest of the year
  • Beginner topic: What are Set Mods?
  • Advanced topic: Mecha Set Mod overview

Episode Notes:

TennoGen Rd 17 is on its way! It contains 10 warframe skins, 2 alt helmets, 3 chest armor pieces (new for TennoGen), 4 operator accessories, 2 new syandanas, and 4 new weapon skins! Link to more info!

Saint of Altra update is now live on all consoles!

Wukong Prime Access ends October 1st! While there is still no OFFICIAL announcement as to his replacement, we all know it to be Atlas. Further, Mirage Prime will be entering the Vault on the same day, so get to farming her relics at least!

DE is running a contest – The Sounds of Shawzin! Share your musical skills (must be an original song) and share it on the forums for your chance to win. Prizes: Current Prime Access, 1000P, 750P, 500P, and 250P! Link to more details!

Cheeky Scott from the Dev team shared some of his WIP for Vauban… We had planned to discuss this, but on review, he just didn’t show off enough. Looks like Bastille and Vortex have been combined, and… the rest is unclear.

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