Lorecast 12: The Limbo Theorem & Maroo

We’re back to the old style of lorecasts – with a look at one of the in-game quests, and a closer look at one of the NPCs! However, given we have completed the main story arc, we have now decided to start looking at the side quests – the story quests that are based on the lore behind specific warframes…

In this episode, we look at The Limbo Theorem, and some of the interesting topics uncovered therein. In truth, this quests is quite light on lore, but we do our best to explain it as best we can, in the context of the greater lore in the game.

Cephalon Lucas also takes a look at a popular NPC – Maroo. Yes, that Maroo, who somehow has her own Bazaar. Who is she, where does she come from? In truth, she’s a bit of an enigma, but we cover off everything we could find!

Check it out!

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