Mini 35 – Oberon

Here’s a thing you may or may not know – Cephalon Lucas has a weird thing against Paladins. So… given Oberon is a Paladin, it’s no surprise he absolutely LOVES him!

Seriously, though – Lucas is wrong. Oberon is pretty awesome – he’s tanky, does a bunch of damage, AND he’s a healer! You know… a Paladin! He’s worth your time – check him out!

Oberon Abilities:

  • Passive – Beastmaster
  • 1 – Smite 
  • 2 – Hallowed Ground
  • 3 – Renewal
  • 4 – Reckoning
  • Smite Infusion
  • Hallowed Eruption
  • Phoenix Renewal
  • Hallowed Reckoning

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