Mini 37 – Octavia

warframe podcast octavia

Octavia, the musician, the diva… Bardframe. Whatever you’d like to call her, she makes music. And with her sweet, sweet music, your enemies will fall. Quickly. 

Seriously, Octavia is pretty amazing, you should get her. But listen to this episode to find out why first.

Octavia Abilities:

  • Passive – Harmonic Symphony
  • 1 – Mallet (Partitioned Mallet – allows for 2 Mallets with 50% reduced range
  • 2 – Resonator (Conductor – reactivate to command resonator to move to aim point at 150% speed)
  • 3 – Metronome
  • 4 – Amp
  • Partitioned Mallet
  • Conductor

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