Weapon 101 – Exergis

Designed by the Corpus, the Exergis is a shredding powerhouse. Pulling the trigger will drive a spike into a captured crystal, sending the shattered shards outward with a force few weapons can compete with. Tracking it down is definitely a grind, and it likely won’t be in your arsenal until late game, but considering its power it is definitely worth pursuing.

How to Acquire

The Exergis Blueprint may be picked up for the Market for 20,000 Credits. The MR8 restriction isn’t bad, but it is fairly resource heavy as some of it you won’t be able to get until Late-Game content. The main delay here will be access to the Repeller Systems, something only obtainable from Vox Solaris Heist Bounties or purchased from Little Duck. To purchase them from Little Duck, you will need 5,000 Standing each and be Rank 3 (“Hand”), but getting there will require you to have already done Heist Bounties for Tribute Materials. If you are not familiar with Heist Bounties, they are unlocked after you reached Rank 5 (“Old Mate”), with Solaris United. After the Repeller Systems, you will need to head to the Void for a pair of Argon Crystals as well before fabricating.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2
  • Repeller Systems
    Repeller Systems 2
  • Oxium
    Oxium 175
  • Salvage
    Salvage 8,500

Stats by Variant

exergis stats

The Exergis hits like a truck. In raw Damage it is second only to Ivara’s Artemis Bow and a couple of Arch-Guns, with a slicing 1620 base Damage. Pulling the trigger shatters and launches the held Radioactive crystal, Slashing enemies in front of you. Though it acts as a pellet Shotgun, it has a very tight spread and will strike enemies similarly to a Rifle. This tight spread also makes it a great candidate for Multishot and Vicious Spread, adding pellets and Damage while still having a relatively tight cone. With a 0.5m Punch Through, it’s highly effective against enemies coming down a hallway, less so when spread out in an open area.

Exergis only holds one crystal to fire at a time, so it plays more like a Sniper than an Auto-Rifle. Coupled with a 1.6s reload time you’ll want to take your time with each shot. Adding a reload speed mod makes a large difference in how it plays, so it’s worth giving it a try to see how it feels. The tight pellet spread means your shots will need to be accurate to land a hit.

Crit or Status?

With its base stats, Exergis innately leans towards build for Status with a base of 36%. With 3 Pellets per shot though, you’ll be looking to push this to 100%, which is achievable with 3 of the 60/60 dual status mods.

With a base Crit Chance of 8%, it will be difficult to bring this up to a reliable value. Keep in mind though, multiple pellets means your Status Chance is divided up until you hit 100%. Adding Multishot will further exaggerate the division until 100% Status Chance as well.

Exergis may be straightforward as far as function, but it is a weapon worth trying. If you like or can adapt to the slower firerate, it will serve you well with the Damage it can deliver. Starting with all 3 of the IPS base spread plus innate Radiation, you are even able to mod this weapon out to cover 6 different Damage types! Its average Riven Disposition means there is potential out there, but even without one it will hold its own.

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