Weapon 101 – Grakata / Prisma Grakata

Welcome the signature weapon of Grineer troopers; the king of all Daka; the Grakata. The basis of Clem’s signature Twin Grakata and a formidable bullet hose, the Grakata is a fun-to-use automatic rifle with a huge ammo pool and the potential to create a swathe of destruction with only one trigger pull. 

The Grakata is about the size of what some would call a submachine gun, but its aesthetic is typical of Grineer weapons, looking as if it is made out of spare piping and molded plastic bits. But don’t let the size or strange design fool you; the Grakata is a death machine(gun). With high Critical and Status Chance, along with a high fire rate and decent accuracy, the base Grakata can only be made better with mods employed by the Tenno. In the hands of more masterful wielders, the Grakata has become not only a meme but a serious contender in the Rifle category. The void-themed Prisma Grakata, which is sold by our fancy friend Baro Ki’Teer only improves on the base model Grakata in stats and aesthetics for the more fashion-minded space ninja.

How to Acquire

The Grakata’s blueprint can be purchased for 15k credits from the Market after Mastery Rank 5. At Mastery Rank 5, it seems perfectly placed to replace the Braton or Karak that players will have leveled up already, just in time for higher difficulty foes.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Neurodes
    Neurodes 2
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 400
  • Salvage
    Salvage 900
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 100

The Prisma Grakata can be purchased from Baro Ki’teer and is available on a randomised schedule. The Prisma variant has a Mastery Rank requirement of 12.

Stats by Variant

grakata stats
prisma grakata stats

The base Grakata has high Critical and Status Chance – 25% Critical and 20% Status goes a very long way when modding this weapon, along with an even spread of Impact, Puncture, and Slash Damage types. The Grakata is on equal footing against all foes, including the Stalker, which newer players may find troublesome around MR 5. Along with those stats, the high ammo pool and ridiculous fire rate (20 rounds per second), the Grakata is excellent for diving into crowds and holding down the trigger until the crowd is gone.

The Prisma Grakata is a linear improvement on the Grakata, boasting even more daka with an increased fire-rate of 21.67 rounds per second, 250 additional ammo in reserve, and an improved reload speed of 2.0 seconds compared to the base model’s 2.4 seconds. The Prisma Grakata is currently the holder of the highest fire rate of all primary weapons, with the Grakata following up as second highest.

Crit or Status?

The Grakata and Prisma Grakata benefit from a boost to their base Damage, since per shot their stats are not very impressive at 11 and 15 Damage per shot respectively. Along with decent boosts to their Critical Chance and Critical Damage multiplier, the Grakata and Prisma Grakata become high ROF, Critical Damage machines that will chew through any enemy with sustained fire. This increased Critical Chance is paired well with a Hunter Munitions mod, which will increase the Damage over time to any unit with Health (all units), by adding a Slash proc to shots that do Critical Damage.

The Grakata also received an augment mod during Nightwave Season 1: The Wolf of Saturn Six called Wild Frenzy. This mod adds a secondary fire mechanic that empties the sizeable clip of the Grakata at an increased fire rate (400% fire-rate increase) and will refill the magazine after 2 kills. This adds considerably more daka to the Grakata and is a very fun addition to the weapon. A word of caution for running a Wild Frenzy build, however, -bring Carrier and add an Ammo Mutation mod so that you don’t end up with a dry clip in the middle of a firefight.

The Grakata is fun to use, has excellent sound design, and becomes nigh unstoppable in the hands of a capable Tenno. Its placement at Mastery Rank 5 is just about perfect, though if it were lower it would not go amiss. It is a return to basics as far as weaponry goes in Warframe (being an automatic rifle), but truly, the Grakata took the idea of an automatic rifle and cranked the Daka dial to 11, creating a fun and useful weapon that can be easily recommended to players who are new to the game. If any Tenno were to get bored of sneaking through vents, executing stealthy maneuvers and breaking into data vaults, simply grabbing a Grakata and wading into an enemy base would alleviate their boredom in a wild frenzy of bullets.

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