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Twin Grakatas tips warframe

The weapon of choice for all folk’s favorite Grineer (Clem, of course) – the Twin Grakatas. This Secondary Weapon takes the bullet hose of the Grakata and hands you a second one. With a starting point of 120 hammering rounds in 6 seconds, you can tear apart shields and mow down anyone running at you.

How to Acquire

As you can likely guess, the Twin Grakatas are made from a pair for Grakatas. They’re one of the few weapons that changes weapon type, going from Primary to Secondary with this merge. The Grakatas themselves are relatively inexpensive as you’ll have access to all their resources by Mars. You will need to be MR9 to purchase the 20,000 Credit Blueprint for the Twin Grakatas from the Market. Don’t forget to master one of the Grakatas before firing up the Foundry, too. Add a Forma into the mix and in a bit you too will be saying “Chh-chh. Clem; Grakata.”

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Grakata
    Grakata 2
  • Forma
    Forma 1

Also a word of caution when building – the Prisma Grakata will show up when selecting Grakatas for the Foundry. They should be unselectable, but if you have the Prisma Variant double-check you didn’t pick that just in case.


twin grakatas stats

Bullet Hose. That pretty much sums up this weapon. Its Fire Rate is a clip draining 20 Rounds/Sec, making it second only to the Twin Vipers for Secondaries, though with a much larger Magazine Size. That is where this weapon shines with its ability to just unleash a river of bullets. The Twin Grakata also has innate Multishot, firing off 2 rounds at a time. This does cut its already low Status Chance in half, but the Weapon does boast a high Crit Chance of 25% and 2.7x base Crit Multiplier. Their base Damage isn’t very high, starting at only Impact based 20 points, so it’s a game of DPS rather than One-Shots. Adding in something like Lethal Torrent will up your pellet count as well as fire rate playing well towards its DPS. With the large magazine size and max ammo capacity, you’ll have a nice reserve but with its fire rate you’ll burn it faster than you may think. For this reason, you may want to consider increasing one or both as well.

When you start modding your Twin Grakata, it is treated as a different item from its family members. Grakata specific Mods (including Rivens) will not be equipable, so you’ll have to stick to the Pistol Mods. It currently has an average Riven Disposition, so there is potential out there.

Crit or Status?

Twin Grakatas are a build for Crit Chance weapon. It does not have a great base for Status Chance, and with the innate Multishot your efforts will be divided up until you reach 100%, which would require a pretty nice Riven to get that high anyway. What you don’t put towards Crit Chance though is likely better spent going towards DPS with higher Damage, Fire Rate, and Multishot.

The Twin Grakatas are a ton of fun and definitely worth pursuing once you have the MR. Each round may not pack a huge hit, but the sheer volume of rounds you can send out more than makes up for it. Watch your ammo pool and rack up the Crits, and before long you won’t be saying “Get Clem”, you’ll be saying Got Clem.

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