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Gauss, the 41st warframe, recently came sprinting into our lives at breakneck speeds as a part of Update 25.7. This speedster was introduced as the flagship frame for the new Leverian, where players are provided the chance to explore the legends behind the equipment to help players understand where a frame fits into this ever-expanding system. However, the Levarian is missing one important feature – a 101 article outlining the specs and mechanics of all the Abilities in this engine-powered racer. So let’s rectify that now and introduce Gauss, the kinetic speedster.


Gauss comes fully equipped with his trusty “electrokinetic battery” which provides Gauss the ability to use both his Energy and his stored up kinetic power to charge his Abilities. When using Abilities, he can either drain or fill the secondary reserve, usually in increments of 10%, however, this battery will also charge based on the distance traveled, charging 1% every 1.875 metres. The true glory of this piece of machinery lies in the Shield recharge and recharge delay reduction that Gauss also receives, maxing out at 80% for each. This passive also scales with Kinetic Plating, Thermal Sunder and Redline.

Mach Rush

gauss mach rush

If you ever wanted to run on water, then this is the skill for you. With Mach Rush, Gauss breaks into full sprint mode and races forward. On quick cast, Gauss will do a speedy 12 metre dash, but can maintain the sprint if you hold the key down for a short duration. This dash will also knock down enemies within 4 metres of Gauss. 

Upon collision with a hard surface, Gauss creates a shockwave that spreads to 10 metres, dealing 800 Impact Damage and ragdolling enemies hit by the pulse. 

This Ability charges the kinetic battery by 10% upon activation, and if activated with Kinetic Plating, the Damage is changed from Impact to Slash. 

Performing any movement alteration, such as jumping and or rolling, will cancel Mach Rush immediately.

Mach Rush is altered by Sprint Speed, Ability Range, and Ability Strength mods.

Kinetic Plating

Using his stored kinetic power, Gauss can create shielding that reduces incoming IPS, Heat, Cold, and Blast Damage, while also negating stagger and knockdown effects. 

The Damage reduction is based on the remaining charge of Gauss’ passive, with 50% Damage reduction on empty and 100% reduction on full. However, keep in mind this Ability will drain 1.28% of the battery for every second it is active, and a further 10% per hit blocked. 

Still not enough? Well then how about having 5% of the incoming Damageconverted into Energy?

Kinetic Plating is affected by Strength and Duration mods.

Thermal Sunder

gauss thermal sunder

Thermal Sunder is a unique Ability with two different effects that are dependant on the way in which you cast it.

By casting Thermal Sunder with a quick press of the Ability key, you siphon Energy from the area, providing the battery 10% charge, and releasing a 12 metre radial blast of Cold Damage that shrinks down to a 4-metre final radius over 10 seconds. 

Holding the key down will drain the battery of 10% power and release a 12-metre radial blast of Heat Damage for the same Duration and Damage output. 

Speaking of Damage, Thermal Sunder Damage is scaled to the amount of charge in the battery. At empty, the AoE will deal 150 Damage of the select attribute, while at full the enemies will take 750 Damage, and enemies that linger in the AoE will continue to take diminishing Damage over time. 

When this Ability is activated, it will proc the appropriate Status effect on all that are caught by it. If an enemy is already under the effect of the Cold proc, then they will freeze solid when hit with a second Cold activation; however, if they are already affected by a Heat proc,  the enemy will take +100% Damage when hit by a second Heat activation. That said, if hit with the opposite proc, then it changes to Blast, with 300 Damage on an empty battery or 1500 Damage on a full battery – with knockdown.

Thermal Sunder is affected by Duration, Range and Strength mods.

Normally only having access to 80% of the battery, Redline pushes beyond this restriction and enables Gauss to use 100% of its capacity, alongside a flurry of buffs that are again scaled to the battery level. 

On empty, Gauss receives 15% increase to fire rate, 8% melee attack speed, 10% reload speed, and 20% holster speed. On full charge, it becomes 75% fire rate, 45% melee attack speed, 50% reload speed, and 100% holster speed. 

When the battery level is over 80% it begins to charge up over time, and upon hitting 100%, casting Abilities will no longer decrease the battery’s charge. In addition, while over the 80% mark, Gauss will occasionally have arcing projectiles of energy shoot from his body, which will home in on enemies nearby, dealing 400 Impact and Puncture Damage. The accuracy and frequency of the projectiles increases with the battery charge, and upon deactivation of Redline a number of projectiles will be released into the area, again based on the battery level. 

When Redline expires, the battery level will drain to the stated mark, so if it says 20% on expiry, that’s where it will drop to. 

Redline shares synergy with all 3 of the other Abilities. These synergistic bonuses are as follows:
Mach Rush has reduced Energy cost while Redline is active. Kinetic Plating gains 100% Melee Damageand stagger chance while the battery level is boosted. Thermal Sunder procs gain power when the battery is over 80% (Cold proc instantly freezes, Heat proc deals full Damage over time and the Blast proc permanently strips Armor from enemies based on battery level, maxing at 50% on a full battery).

Redline is affected by Strength and Duration mods.

gauss redline
gauss stats

Fully equipped with a vast array of Abilities, Gauss is a frame that fits no specific mission type, but the fun factor is Redlining and quickly racing to a peak. If this sounds like your style of frame, then what are you waiting for? Get out there and tear up the system with insane kinetic-fueled speed!

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