Weapon 101 – Miter

Forged by the Grineer for the Eviscerators, Miter fires saw blades capable of bouncing from foe to foe, shredding each as it passes by (or through). Getting your hands on one is up to RNG, but depending how far into the game you are, the grind may be relatively easy.

How to Acquire

Miter is among the weapons you have to farm piece by piece, similar to Prime weaponss. Unlike Primes, though, you are not able to trade the components, so if you want to skip the farm it will cost you 225 Plat to get it Pre-Built. You’ll be able to start farming for it as you reach Mid-Game by taking on the Captain Vor and Lech Kril duo on Ceres. For better or worse, the Blueprint and the four components have an equal 16.67% chance of dropping, with the Twin Gremlins Blueprint in the mix as well. Once you have the 5 drops and have reached MR6, you’ll be able to fire up the Foundry for the build.


Miter stats

A key aspect of the Miter is its Charged Shot mechanic. Though not required, charging the saw blade before launching will increase your base Damage from 100 to 250. Additionally, your base Crit Chance and Status Chance will go from 5% and 25% to 10% and 50% respectively. At a 50% base Status Chance, just two of the 60/60 Mods will give you 100% Status Chance with the Charged Shot.

Miter also has the Neutralizing Justice Augment available from Steel Meridian. In addition to adding the Justice effect, the mod adds a 90% Chance to permanently destroy a Nullifier Bubble. Comboing with some Multishot may result in one blade destroying the bubble, freeing the others to pass through as the first blade ricochets around. Oh, did we mention your Miter fires saw blades that can ricochet, hitting multiple targets?

Crit or Status?

As you can guess, Miter is best built for Status. Take advantage of the Charge Shot boost for landing procs. With its Damage being 90% Slash, it combos great with Viral. Despite its usefulness against Nullifiers, many don’t use this weapon, giving it a very high Riven Disposition, so great potential is waiting.

Having a saw blade launcher is a lot of fun. Miter may not have a lot of Damage behind it, but it is a very effective weapon against the Corpus or Corrupted Nullifiers. It combos great with strong Secondaries, Abilities, and Squad Mates. As a final note, Miter is among the weapons you do not want to sell once mastered. It, alongside Hikou, are components for the Panthera, so be sure to hang on to it.

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