Weapon 101 – Twin Rogga

Twin Rogga warframe tips

Pistols of choice for the Kuva Guardians, the Twin Rogga are a pair of flintlock pistol blunderbusses that can blast away even the heartiest of foes. Likely a Late-Game Weapon because of the needed crafting materials, these mini shotguns can carry you through to end game. However, depending on your playstyle, they may need some special modding.

How to Acquire

You are able to pick up the Twin Rogga’s Blueprint from the Market for 30,000 Credits once you reach MR9. Getting it pre-built will set you back 190 Platinum. It is a little expensive, as you’ll need a decent chunk of Kuva as well as some Argon Crystals.

  • Credits
    Credits 30,000
  • Argon Crystals
    Argon Crystals 2
  • Kuva
    Kuva 1,600
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 2,600
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 15,000


twin rogga stats

The Twin Rogga are short-range high-Damage Armor and Shield busters. With 705 base Damage, mostly Impact and Puncture, these stand second only to Euphona Prime for Secondaries in terms of Damage output. Each pistol only carries one shot with it, so you’ll be reloading frequently and will need to aim well with your shots. It is also possible to mod for 2 shots per pistol if you’re willing to forgo Damage Mods for Magazine Capacity. With the regular reloading though, they are a great candidate to combo with Arcane Awakening for a Damage Boost as well. They also have a pretty significant Damage fall off starting at 10m. Your shots will start to lose power, dropping to just over 20% of their starting Damage out to 20m. Adding some Punch Through will take advantage of their tight spread when dealing with groups, allowing you to get in closer without getting surrounded.

Crit or Status?

You will be starting off with a very high 33% Status Chance, but with 15 pellets a shot before adding Multishot, your chances are going to take a pretty big hit. Even modding to 99% would leave you with 6.6% chance, so if you mod for Status you’ll want to push for 100% before adding any Multishot mods. Doable with all 4 of the 60/60 mods or a nice Riven there’s some nice potential, particularly as the Twin Rogga have a high Riven Disposition. It only has a 10% Crit Chance, so not the best starting point there. With its high Damage starting point, if you are unable to get to 100%, going for straight DPS is a good alternative.

Whether boarding a ship or raiding a fort, the Twin Rogga are a great Second Mate. Once you get used to the reloading, you’ll be all set to blast a hole through whatever is in your path. And as a response to the long debate regarding Pirates or Ninjas, they are proof we can have both.

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