Episode 68 – The Old Blood

The last two weeks, we’ve talked about it, but now – FINALLY – we got our hands on it. 

The Old Blood has been released on PC.

And it’s good.

There’s a lot in this update – even just the Kuva Liches is a massive update in itself, but there’s so much more to talk about. And now that we’ve had the chance to play around with it all, we can share our opinions of it all. So much to talk about. So much to enjoy. Get in on it!


  • News: Update 26 is out on PC, PS4 Anniversary, Switch Anniversary
  • Discussion: The Old Blood
  • Beginner Topic: New Melee overview
  • Advanced Topic: How to do the Kuva Lich

Episode Notes:

The Old Blood (Update 26) is out on PC – go! Go get it!

There were 8 alerts that came alongside it – 1 for Grendel Glyph, 3 for Forma (melee only) and 4 for Requiem mods. While these are likely over by now on PC, console players should keep this in mind for when the update hits!

Provided you are Mastery 3+ and your account was created prior to Oct 18, logging into Warframe will net you a Legendary Core! This is now live on PC, and will come to consoles when The Old Blood updates hits those platforms. This is available until the end of the year!

It’s the 1st Anniversary of Warframe on Nintendo Switch! Log in from now until December 2 to score a free Opal Syandana, Opal Dex Dakra Skin and a Forma! Not only that, but there will be a special alert for an Opal Excalibur Noggle, and a Nintendo Color Picker in the Market for 1 credit!

While we’re celebrating anniversaries, it’s been SIX years for PS4! Again, log in from now until December 2 to score a free Obsidian Syandana, Obsidian Dex Dakra Skin and a Forma! Not only that, but there will be special alerts for 2 different Obsidian Excalibur Noggles, an Obsidian Ivara Noggle, and Obsidian Dex Furis Skin! And there’s still more! Head over to the Market for a PS4 Color Picker and Obsidian Excalibur Glyph for 1 credit each!

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