Mini 42 – Valkyr


Valkitty. Psycho Kitty. 

These nicknames conjure up images of a ball of fury and talons. And it’s not far from the truth – Valkyr is these things and more.

What makes Valkyr such a great DPS/melee frame? Well, for one, she’s tanky and two – she can self-heal. However, overall, she can be a bit of a selfish choice, as her abilities don’t tend to be TOO helpful to other players. Still, she’s just a bunch of fun to use, trust us.

Have a listen to find out why.

Valkyr Abilities

  • Passive – Nimble
  • 1 – Ripline
  • 2 – Warcry
  • 3 – Paralysis 
  • 4 – Hysteria


  • Swing Line
  • Eternal War
  • Prolonged Paralysis
  • Hysterical Assault

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