Episode 75 – Devstream 135

With the end of the year looming, Digital Extremes took to the iknterwebs for one last Devstream to close out the year. Devstream was light on any major news, but heavy on acknowledging player feedback. This Devstream was mainly a deep dive into Empyrean and what ti took to get the new expansion released onto (almost) every platform prior to Christmas.

With the team now on holidays, expect a quiet couple of weeks, but we’ll stil be here talking all things Warframe!


  • News: Ivara Prime Access, Empyrean Supporter Pack, Origin Pack, new Twitch Prime Starter Pack, Empyrean released on Xbox and PS4, end of year alerts
  • Discussion: Devstream 135
  • Beginner topic: Archwings
  • Advanced topic: overview of Archwing models

Episode Notes:

Ivara Prime Access now live on all platforms!

The Origin Pack (which contains the Parotia Syandana and 200 Platinum) is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, and will release shortly on Switch!

Empyrean Supporter pack (which contains 570 Platinum, the Itzal Armor pack, the Empyrean Sigil, a commander Emote, the Railjack in Action Glyph, and an Empyrean poster for your Orbiter) is also available now on PC, Xbox, and PS4, and again – coming soon to Switch… But probably in the New Year.

There’s a new Twitch Prime starter pack, which contains some early weapons and mods, credits, and the Twitch Colour Picker! Grab it by linking accounts.

Empyrean is out now on Xbox and PS4! Switch players, expect to see it hit your platform in early 2020.

The Warframe Twitter account shared a very short clip of what looks like a sentient ship in the Veil Proxima… A sign of things to come, or a reference to the new Quest embedded in Empyrean? Time will tell…

Warframe is the cover story on this month’s edition of PC Gamer – that’s pretty awesome for a 7-year-old game!

Devstream 135

There are special alerts on all platforms until December 31st – grab yourself an Orokin Catalyst, Lenz Solstice Skin, Tatsu Solstice Skin, and a Centuria Solstice Syandana while you can!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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