Sentinel Showcase

" On the border of chartered space, an enclave of small, strange, seemingly intelligent creatures was discovered by Tenno explorers. They are mechanical entities, almost organic in appearance, with a precarious resemblance to the fearsome Sentients that had decimated human civilization. However, these creatures showed no signs of aggression, and they immediately began carrying out helpful tasks in peculiar alliance with the Tenno. "
-Mars Cephalon fragment

The little flying assistants we call Sentinels each seem to possess a specific task that may as well be
programmed into their very essence. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you, these helpful little critters
also come packing with their own signature weapon for defending themselves and killing your enemies. 

Let’s take a look at the Sentinels in detail – what they exist to do and what they bring to your missions.


This handy little friend is all about utility, as it converts ammo for the Tenno. The carrier is also one of very few Sentinels that possesses a Prime variant – while the abilities remain the same, the Prime variant is equipped with a much sturdier frame for added survivability.

Carrier comes equipped with the Sweeper, a type of shotgun. In addition, the base Carrier is obtainable through the market for 75 plat ,or you can pick up the blueprint for 100k credits. Its Prime variant is presently vaulted, but can be brought from other players that may have a spare set.

carrier sentinel

Carrier-specific mods

ammo case

Ammo Case

This mod not only increases the ammunition capacity of the Tenno's equipped weapons, but also converts picked up ammo into the same type as the currently equipped weapon.



A handy little mod that enables the Carrier to shoot at crates in order to open them up to find materials and/or ammunition.


Next up, we have the well named Deathcube. As the name suggests, this Sentinel has a much more violent design. A Prime variant was recently released as well, with higher Health and Armor, making him a tougher cube.

The default weapon of the Deathcube is the Deth (correct spelling!) Machine Rifle. This gloriously named rifle has a short spool-up time before raining hell upon its foes.  The Prime variant has better stats all round, including a higher fire rate and higher base Damage.

The Deathcube can also be obtained from the market for 75 plat or you can pick up the blueprint for 100k credits.

deathcube sentinel

Dethcube-specific mods



This mod packs quite the punch! The Deathcube will blast a specialized beam at any enemies within 4 meters for 600 Damage.

Energy Generator

Energy Generator

Who can say no to a helpful little bot that likes to assist with kills? Better still, this mod makes it so that the Deathcube will drop an Energy Orb for every 10 enemies it has assisted in killing.


Third in our list of tenno friendly Sentinels is the waste-landish Diriga. Designed to take out enemies from afar, this Sentinel packs all the necessary tools for the job.

The Diriga is all about Range, so it’s only fitting that it comes with the Vulklok Sniper Rifle.

The Diriga can be obtained through the market for 75 Platinum or you can pick up the Blueprint for 100k credits.

diriga sentinel

Diriga-specific mods

Electro Pulse

Electro Pulse

On a 5 second interval, this mod causes the Diriga to zap an enemy within 15 meters, causing said enemy to become immobilized over and over again.

Arc Coil

Arc Coil

Even the Diriga needs something for when the enemy gets too close and this mod is exactly that. Zapping up to 7 enemies within a 10 meter Range, the Diriga additionally will deal 100 Damage to each enemy caught in the electric snare, with a 10% chance at procing status.


Next we have the mystical Djinn Sentinel. This genie-like presence is another Sentinel that boasts combat capabilities.

Shooting poisonous darts from its signature weapon, the Stinger is a Rifle-based weapon.

The Djinn cannot be obtained from the market, but instead you can pick up the Blueprints from the bio lab in your Clan Dojo for 50k credits.

djinn sentinel

Djinn-specific mods

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

This mod gives the Djinn the ability to mesmerise enemies within 20 meters... Once they step too close to the alluring Djinn, it then explodes dealing 250 Damage.



Dying is not the end for our dear friend the Djinn, as after 90 seconds, the Djinn will revive itself.


Tired of carrying around your scanner? Sick of the constant re-equipping of weapons after you’ve scanned something?

Well look no further than the Helios – it’s got all your scanning needs covered!

Don’t like the base form? We’ve got you covered there also, as the Helios is another Sentinel with a Primed variant.

Helios is presently the only Sentinel that comes with a Melee weapon, the Deconstructor.

In addition, it’s another Sentinel not found in the market – instead, you can find the blueprints in the Energy Lab of the Clan Dojo for 15k credits. The Prime variant is presently vaulted, but can be brought from other players that may have a spare set.

helios sentinel

Helios-specific mods



This mod grants Helios the ability to use your scanners in order to scan any item and/or enemy within 50 meters. Doing so will spend a scanner charge upon each use, so make sure you have plenty in advance.

Detect Vulnerability

Detect Vulnerability

After all the necessary scans have been done, additional scans will reveal enemy weak points for the Tenno to exploit.


The newest addition to the Sentinel lineup, the Oxylus is all about the search-and-rescue life within harsh terrains like that of Orb Vallis.

The Multron is the Oxylus weapon of choice, which is a simple Rifle-based weapon.

The Oxylus Sentinel can be purchased from the market for 75 plat or you can pick up the Blueprint from The Biz in Fortuna for 20k standing after reaching the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United.

oxylus sentinel

Oxylus-specific mods

Scan Aquatic Lifeforms

Fishing in the Orb Vallis has never been easier thanks to the Oxylus. This mod helps find fishing hotspots within 100 meters and then applies luminescent dye to all fish within 40 meters.

Scan Matter

With this mod, Oxylus is granted the ability to find resources within 60 meters to then display on your minimap for 8 seconds every 30 seconds.


Time for a change of pace  – and perhaps to slip into something a little… stealthier! No sentient is more stealthy than Shade.

The Shade Sentinel does also have an additional variant, but unlike the others it’s a Prisma instead of the usual Prime variation.

Equipped with the Burst Laser, the Shade needs some way to defend itself, even if that weapon is not silent.

Shade may be purchased for 75 Platinum from the Market or you can pick up the blueprint for 100k credits. The Prisma variant can only be purchased from Baro Ki’teer for 300k credits and 500 ducats.

shade sentinel

Shade-specific mods


This gem of a mod makes it so that if enemies come within a 10 meter radius of the Shade's master, Shade kicks in to stealth mode, cloaking both itself and the Tenno. However, be wary as it only remains active while enemies are within range or until the Tenno attacks.


This mod ties directly to the Ghost mod: when Invisibility is broken, the Tenno receives a 3- second boost to Damage... at 120%!


Granted the power to protect its master and freeze its enemies in place, the Taxon is a simple Sentinel that was thought to be lost to the ages. That was until a cache of Sentinel tech was discovered on Earth, including the Blueprint to this shield-mending Sentinel.

The Artax is the Taxon weapon of choice and this beam-based weapon deals Cold Damage with a chance to proc the Freeze status.

The Taxon is presently the cheapest Sentinel to acquire, and is in fact given to the player upon completing the Venus Junction on Earth. However, its Blueprint may also be purchased from the Market for the low cost of 5k credits.

taxon sentinel

Taxon-specific mods

Moecular Conversion

Blasting enemies within a 10 radius with a beam, this mod converts 200 of the Damage dealt into Shield for the Tenno.



The Sentinel will attack the first enemy it sees.


Specializing in the art of Crowd Control and the protection of one’s master, we have the Wyrm. This Sentinel is another built more for combat and/or for bodyguard duties, and sports a very shiny Primed variation.

The Wyrm comes fully equipped with its ever-so-simple Laser Rifle.

Much like most of the Sentinels, Wyrm can be picked up from the Market for 75 Platinum or you can get hold of the Blueprint for 100k credits. The Prime variant is currently vaulted, but its parts can be purchased from another player.

wyrm sentinel

Wyrm-specific mods

crowd dispersion

Crowd Dispersion

Releasing a radial stun in a 10 meter radius, this mod activates when multiple hostiles begin attacking within the 10 meter Range.



This handy little mod makes it so the Tenno becomes immune to a random Status Effect once every 5 seconds.

To close this showcase, I’d like to point out that each Sentinel has an additional mod exclusive to its model;
however, there is little difference between each one. The only real difference being the range in which they
activate. What these mods do is simply make the Sentinel attack the closest enemies within range on sight.

Sentinels have proven themselves useful time and time again, and it is because of this that I look forward to any further Sentinels that may become available in the future.

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