Weapon 101 – Azima

Able to create some decent crowd control, Azima has a pretty unique trick up its barrel. It’s not something you can farm, so there is no speeding up the timegate, but if you like Warframe and keep playing, it will eventually be yours.

How to Acquire

Azima is acquired through the Daily Tribute system. It will be one of the Login Milestone weapons that you can select from starting on Day 100, then again every 200 Days. As with all of these weapons on offer, the Azima come swith a weapon slot and Orokin Catalyst pre-installed.

One other key note. Do Not Sell your Azima, or any other Login Weapon. There is currently no way to recover them if you sell it, even via Platinum in the Market.


azima stats

With a base Damage of 20, Azima does not rank high in terms of strength. It is mostly Slash Damage, so if you do use it, it pairs well with Nekros on farming runs. It’s primary fire is a decent bullet hose with a nice 75 round magazine. The main trick it has is an alt-fire, which launches the entire disc-shaped magazine. Once launched, it will bounce around the environment – any enemies hit will take 75 Blast Damage. 

Once settled, your new Turret will levitate, firing rounds in all directions. The Turret will not target a specific enemy to shoot at, so try to land it in a group for maximum effect. If you use this regularly, the Turret can consume your Ammo fairly quickly because you are firing everything left in your current Magazine.

Crit or Status?

You can mostly tune Azima to taste. You won’t make it to 100% Status Chance with the usual mods, as it starts at 16%, but it’s not a bad start. With a 16% Crit Chance, you also have a good base there, given the number of rounds you can pump out. Currently it has a high Riven Disposition, so you have some potential out there if you are able to track a Riven down.

You may have trouble with it as you move towards end game, but the Azima is worth a spin. With some good modding it can handle some decent CC. Just make sure to grab your logins if you want it and it’ll be yours.

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