Weapon 101 – Dual Raza

Styled off the Soma rifle, the Tenno Dual Raza are a hatchet pair and upgrade to your Dual Kamas. Like their fabrication component, you’ll be pulling on your Dual Swords mods to Slash and Puncture your way to victory.

How to Acquire

The Dual Raza Blueprint can be picked up in your Tenno Lab once you reach MR6. There are not any surprises resource-wise, so you can knock this one out early game. You can pick it up pre-built for 175 Platinum if you don’t want to wait.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Dual Kamas
    Dual Kamas 1
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 200
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 200
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 1


dual raza stats

Compared to the Dual Kamas, the Dual Raza are an upgrade across the board, with the exception of Attack Speed, so don’t worry too much about them being consumed. They are at the top of the list for Crit Multiplier, with 3.0x and a high Crit Chance to compliment. A particularly useful stat for unveiling Combo Multiplier Rivens. With a base Damage of 4, it likely won’t carry you through end game. It does have a very high Riven Disposition though, so its potential is strong.

Crit or Status?

As you’ve likely guessed, this is a Crit Weapon. With a base 5% Status Chance, there is not much to work with on that side of the scale. Combo boosters and Attack Speed will play well to push out more Crit Damage.

The Dual Raza are a pretty straightforward weapon. Ramp up their DPS and hack ‘n slash your way through. You’ll likely swap them out down the road, but you may want to consider hanging on to them for when you start cracking Rivens.

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