Weapon 101 – Gammacor / Synoid Gammacor

Forged by the Cephalons to aid in their quest for knowledge, the Gammacor and Synoid Gammacor are wrist-mounted lasers that are well suited for Corpus targets. Originally designed for mineral analysis, the weapon has a few quirks to adjust to when taken into battle.

How to Acquire

The Gammacor Blueprint can be picked up fairly early at MR2 for 35,000 Credits. The need for a handful Plastids will make Saturn your gating planet unless you are able to get some from Bounties. You’ll also need an Argon Crystal pair from the Void. Once you’ve mastered the Gammacor, do not sell it. You’ll need it as a component for the Heliocor down the road.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 2,500
  • Plastids
    Plastids 650
  • Circuits
    Circuits 400
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2

Synoid Gammacor may be purchased from Cephalon Suda after reaching Rank 5, Genius. You’ll need to spend 100,000 Standing, but like the other Syndicate Weapons if you are not aligned with Suda (or Rank 5 yet) it can be traded. You will need to reach MR7 before upgrading to this version.

Stats by Variant

gammacor stats
synoid gammacor stats

The Base Gammacor enters the field with a base Damage of 16 Magnetic. You won’t be using any IPS mods here, so stick with your Elemental builds. You are able to mod for Electric and Cold Damage specifically, so there are no additional restrictions on Element types and combos. With a high Status Chance of 20% and low Crit Chance at 8%, Elemental Damage will be served well. Being innately Magnetic, it is well suited to strip Corpus Shields, but less effective against the Grineer. Adding Corrosive can counter this to make it a defense stripper. When fired, the Gammacor does not start at full power. There is about a 0.5 second Damage ramp-up from 25% to 100%. About 0.8 seconds after you let go of the trigger, your Damage output will begin to ramp back down over 2 seconds. You have a decent Ammo Pool, so as you get used to it, keeping the trigger down as much as you can will help keep your Damage up.

There are nearly no drawbacks to upgrading to the Synoid Gammacor when able. First is a Damage boost from 16 to 20, still innately Magnetic. A big Crit Chance boost to 20% as well as an even higher Status Chance, increasing to 28%. You’ll still have the Damage ramp-up, but the low end is 30% now instead of 25%, and it’ll also give a Range boost from 25 meters to 40 meters. 

The Synoid version also gains a Naramon (-) Polarity to go alongside the original Vazarin (D) one. Being a Syndicate Weapon, you also have the faction bonus effect. For Suda’s Synoid Weapons this will be Entropy, which triggers as Affinity is earned. When triggered, you’ll hit enemies within 25 meters with a 1,000 Magnetic Damage blast as well as guaranteed Status Effect. You’ll also receive a 25% base Energy increase for 30 seconds and recover 25% of your base Energy.

Crit or Status?

Both versions of the Gammacor are high Status Chance weapons. You have more flexibility with the Synoid Gammacor and its high Crit Chance if you do want to go a Crit route. Since it doesn’t have a high base Damage, turning it into a Status Proc weapon can make it a great utility in the field.

The Gammacor likely won’t carry you very far, but once you can upgrade to the Synoid Variant, it will pick up some very nice buffs. You’ll need to get in close with its limited range, but modded well, you’ll be able to strip enemies of their defenses and leave them full of Status Procs.

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