Episode 79 – Devstream 136

The team is well and truly back for 2020 – not only has there been a bunch of hotfixes released for PC, but the team got together for the first Devstream of 2020, followed by a 3-hour celebration! It was quite a time (that we were unable to watch in full), but of course we have an overview of the Devstream for you!


  • News: hotfixes, Empyrean on Switch, Twitch Prime boosters, Australian Wildfire Relief & Plague Star is back
  • Discussion: Devstream 136
  • Beginner/Advanced topic: skipped due to long discussion

Episode Notes:

The team is back – lots of hotfixes have hit PC, and many folks are saying Railjack is already improved as a result!

Empyrean is now live on Switch!

Twitch Prime members can grab a new Booster pack – contains a 7-day affinity and a 7-day credit booster!

DE has offered an in-game floof to support the bushfires in Australia.

Devstream 136

Operation: Plague Star is back on all platforms. You know you need some forma.

Guy Cunningham, the voice behind Ticker and a fellow Australian, has recorded a video calling out for support for the bushfires.

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