Episode 80 – What’s missing from Warframe?

warframe podcast

Another quiet week in the world of Warframe… This week, Cephalon’s Greg and Lucas decided to have a chat about the current status of the game – what’s missing from Warframe in 2020?


  • News: German guide available, Gamespot interview, update on DEconstructing podcast, new Glyph for Chinese New Year, and DE has a new contest
  • Discussion: What’s missing from Warframe in 2020?
  • Beginer Topic: how to beat the first 4 bosses
  • Advanced topic: Conservation

Episode Notes:

Do you speak German? Well, good news – There is a new German-language Guide to Warframe our via Gamestar!

Rebb Ford had an interview with Gamespot in regards to 2019 and looking forward to 2020 – it’s not a bad interview, check it out!

The DEconstructing Podcast is on hiatus for a little while 🙁

There is a cute new Glyph available for 1 Credit in the Market until Jan 31st – here to celebrate Chinese New Year! Get it!

Once again taking leads from Cephalon Squared, DE has started an official Space Shanty competition! Details in the forums.

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