Weapon 101 – Dual Kamas / Dual Kamas Prime

When one blade isn’t enough, the Dual Kamas and their Prime arm you with a pair of sickles to Slash through your foes. Dual Kamas are pretty easy to get your hands on, though the Prime Variant will require a bit more luck from other players.

How to Acquire

The Blueprint for Dual Kamas can be picked from the Market for 40,000 Credits right from the get go at MR1. Material-wise, you can go farming as early as Jupiter for the pair of Kamas you’ll need for components, pending what you can pick up from Bounties. There is the pre-built route for 175 Platinum, but since you will likely be using this as a component for the Dual Raza, I would recommend to save your Plat.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Kama
    Kama 2
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 1

Dual Kamas Prime was vaulted in August 2017 with Trinity Prime, so unless you happen to have some old Relics, you’ll be relying on other players for drops or trade. You’ll need to hit MR6 to craft, so you can still use them relatively early if RNG favors you.

Stats by Variant

dual kamas stats
dual kamas prime stats

Compared to the base Kama, the Dual Kamas are not a massive upgrade. The most notable gain is a jump in the Dual Kamas slide attack Damage at 252, but your base Damage is low at 42. Your weapon type will also change from the Kama’s Machete type to Dual Swords, so you’ll be looking to use a different Stance Mod. You do get a small Status Chance boost as well, but at 7.5% it’s not a great foundation to work with. With a base Crit Chance at 5%, going for raw DPS is your likely path.

Dual Kamas Prime come in with a base Damage of 70, tying it with the Twin Krohkur for highest base Damage for Dual Swords. Compared to the non-Prime, it is pretty much upgrades across the board. In addition to the higher base Damage, you’ll have a higher base Status Chance at 20% and Crit Change at 15%. Thee is a higher Crit Multiplier at 2.0x vs. the base’s 1.5x as well.

Crit or Status?

When you get Dual Kamas Prime you can mostly build to taste. You won’t be able to get to 100% Status Chance or Crit Chance without a really nice Riven, so a balanced build or DPS may be the path. I do mention Dual Kamas Prime because I would not recommend investing a Catalyst and Forma(s) into base Dual Kama. You don’t lose anything going to the Prime and the base is also consumed when you build Dual Raza.

Dual Kamas and Dual Kamas Prime are worth pursuing early on. These aren’t likely to carry you through end game, so unless you choose to invest a lot of Forma, getting them early frees you up to move onto stronger gear later on, instead of having to come back just for MR.

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