Episode 81 – Devstream 137

Another Devstream, and so another episode chock full of info on upcoming updates to Warframe. The team at DE really went above and beyond this time, with a bunch of rapid-fire announcements and demonstrations one after another. It was a great Devstream, and definitely worth checking in on. If you want to hear our thoughts on what was shown off – have a listen! We had a great old chat this week, plus we covered some great topics with our beginner and advanced tips.


  • News: Empyrean Supporter Pack available on all platforms, RustyFin’s Ace Squad song now on YouTube
  • Discussion: Devstream 137
  • Beginner topic: Mid-game bosses (Jupiter –> Uranus)
  • Advanced topic: Damage Reduction vs Damage Mediation 

Episode Notes:

Empyrean Supporter Pack is now available on all platforms. Support your Empyrean, go on.

Rusty Fin has released the full version of the Ace Squad track from the Mashed Warframe video. You should check it out because it’s great.

Devstream 137

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