Episode 82 – Lich Changes & Mothhop

The Lich changes that were teased last week were released this week, for better or worse. We welcome Mothhop, a longtime member of the Cephalon Collective, to join us to discuss our thoughts on the new changes, both good and bad. Check it out.


  • News: Kuva Lich changes hit all platforms, Oberon and Nekros Prime unvaulting soon, Valentines is on again, TennoGen Round 18 shown off, and the Acolytes are back!
  • Discussion: Kuva Lich changes with Mothhop
  • Beginner’s topic: the last four Star Chart bosses
  • Advanced topic: Arbitration mods

Episode Notes:

The Kuva Lich updates hit all systems during the week!

Oberon and Nekros Prime are heading back out of the vault from Feb 11! (Yes, this means Vauban and Ash Primes are heading back into the vault)

New Valentine themed glyph bundles available in the market:

Round 18 of TennoGen was shown off on Prime Time this week!

The Acolytes are BACK!

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