Mini 51 – Zephyr

Zephyr – the wind frame. Old windy. Breezeface. Whatever you want to call her, she’s all about the wind. And better still? Cephalon Lucas absolutely adores her. Probably best you listen to this one to find out why.

Also… this is our last Mini for a little while. We will spit them out from time to time to cover new frames, but from now on it’s the main episodes, and the Lorecasts! Hope you enjoyed our mini series!

Zephyr Abilities

  • Passive – Lightweight
  • 1 – Tailwind
  • 2 – Airburst
  • 3 – Turbulence 
  • 4 – Tornado 


  • Target Fixation
  • Jetstream
  • Funnel Clouds 

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