Episode 89 – Home Devstream and Scarlet Spear

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The team at Digital Extremes did their best to ensure there was a Devstream this week, even though they are all in lockdown at home. While it wasn’t as structured as regular Devstreams, there was still plenty of good info presented. 

This week, the Cephalons discuss this info in detail, and also provide their impressions of Scarlet Spear in a double Discussion episode!


  • News: Stream schedule updated, Titania Prime coming March 31, NoClip interview with Rebb Ford, Leyou Technologies provides info on Warframe in Financial Update
  • Discussion: Home Devstream and Scarlet Spear
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped this week due to double discussion

Episode Notes:

Working from Home stream timetable slightly changed for Quarantine period

Titania Prime Access coming March 31! 

NoClip has an interview with Rebb Ford on their latest podcast/youtube 

Home Devstream

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