Episode 90 – Isolation, quarantine, and Cephalon Reset

It was another quiet week in Warframe, and let’s face it, isolation means it’s quiet for all of us. So we decided to dedicate this episode to isolation, with tips for what players can work towards for both beginner and advanced players!

However, the world did not want this one to go right this week, so… yeah. It took us more than two hours to record an episode less than an hour long. With plenty of mistakes left in to laugh at, I hope this one keeps you entertained during quarantine…


  • News: Titania Prime is out, April Fool’s Day video, more updates to Scarlet Spear, and TennoGen Rd 18 live on PC
  • Discussion: nerfs and buffs – what’s it all about?
  • Beginner/Advanced topics: things to do in Warframe during isolation 

Episode Notes:

Titania Prime Access is out! This means that Ivara Prime and her weapons are now only available via relics, and Limbo prime, Pyrana Prime and Destreza Prime are now vaulted… 

The team released an amusing video for April Fools Day – MoreFrame, the lifestyle channel for Tenno 

More changes came to Scarlet Spear this week, including scoring increases discussed last week and legendary arcanes 

TennoGen Round 18 is out now on PC 

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