Episode 92 – Community Guest Dylan!

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With the Devstream on hiatus for yet another week, the Cephalons looked to the community to help build this week’s episode.

We’ve got an in-depth discussion with Community Guest Star Dylan Braun in regard to burnout (among many other things), plus a whole bunch of community-driven questions and feedback towards the end.


  • News: Community Warframe is ready for Abilities, Interview with Scott on Quite Shallow YouTube
  • Discussion: Community Guest Star – Dylan Braun
  • Beginner Topic: Pickups
  • Advanced Topic: Advanced Maneuvers

Episode Notes:

Community Warframe concept art is complete – the Broken Frame! Head to the link in the tweet to share your ideas for Abilities – submissions close April 30. 

Shy, Tactical Potato, DK Diamantes and Brozime interviewed Warframe Lead Designer Scott McGregor during the week – the interview is posted in full on Shy’s YouTube channel. It’s worth watching/listening to – there’s a lot of great insight into the design and feedback process. 

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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