Episode 93 – Home Devstream 2

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A few weeks without a Devstream… and DE drops a new one on us. This time around, the regular merry crew all join (from their home offices, of course), but the amount of content shown off was incredible. 

It touches on a bunch of stuff that yet to come to the game, most of which is coming very soon, but also on what the team is doing to address current criticisms (to a degree).

An absolutely fantastic Devstream this one – we had a good chat about everything – hence we had to forgo the beginner and advanced tips once again this week (and it was still one of our longest episodes).


  • News: new augment mods, Nightwave Series 3 coming soon, Private test cluster now active, Home Devstream stuff
  • Discussion: Home Devstream 2 (#142?)
  • Topics: skipped in lieu of lengthy discussion

Episode Notes:

Four new augments released on PC recently

Nightwave Intermission ends May 3! Yaaaaaay! 

There was a Key Lottery for the Test Cluster! It has ended now, but keep an eye out for another round in future (not confirmed, but I expect it will be opened again) 

Video from the team 

Deadlock Protocol coming in May! 

Home Devstream

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