Episode 95 – Home Devstream 3

warframe podcast

Another week, another Warframe podcast from Cephalon Squared!

And even better? There was another Home Devstream this weekend, so the trusty Cephalons had plenty to chat about (and yes, this means no beginner and advanced topics this week). There’s lots of good stuff in the works, although some of the larger projects have hit delays due to COVID-19. That’s to be expected! Overall, a pretty good Devstream.


  • News: Rebb Ford interview from Polygon, Rebb and Megan joining GCX via Twitch, Nightwave S3 due out next week
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #3
  • Beginner/Advanced: skipped in favour of longer discussion

Episode Notes:

Rebb Ford did an interview with Polygon via Quibi – we haven’t watched it because we don’t have a Quibi Account. But if you do…

Megan and Rebb will be taking part in the Gaming Community Expo on June 16th via Twitch! Support St Jude’s Childrens Hospital.

Nightwave Season 3 is expected out next week, yay!

More DE Team hellos

Home Devstream

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