Episode 96 – Interview with Pablo

This week was a little quiet for Warframe news, but the Cephalons were lucky enough to be joined by a member of the development team – Senior Designer Pablo Alonso!

Pablo is much loved among the community for his quirky videos and his love of cats (not to mention his uncanny ability to put life back into older warframes). More than this though? He’s just a pleasure to chat with.

Sit back and enjoy – and let Pablo tell you of the Digital Extremes life.


  • News: Railjack Revisited and Nightwave S3 now available on all platforms, new Armor Set available via Twitch PrimeTennocon Digital Pack available
  • Discussion: Interview with Pablo
  • Beginner/Advanced topics: skipped in favour of a longer interview

Episode Notes:

Railjack Revisited pt 1 is now live on all console platforms – yay! 

Nightwave S3 – The Glassmaker is now live on all platforms! Get your detective on! 

The Avia Prime Armor set is now available to Twitch Prime members! It looks pretty sweet (imagine the Avia set in Orokin finery)! 

As the Warframe community raised $15,000 for th Save the Children Charity, DE celebrated this weekend with a Double Affinity Weekend! Hope you were able to participate!

The Tennocon 2020 Digital Pack is now available on all platforms – get a ticket to Baro’s Relay, a New War Orbiter Decoration and emote, 475 Platinum, plus Tennocon themed syandana, sigil/glyph, emote and display! 

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