Episode 97 – Home Devstream #4

Yeah! Another Devstream, and this one went into great detail as to what we should be expecting from the new major update, The Deadlock Protocol! Sadly, though, this is likely the last Devstream before TennoCon… but then again, that means TennoCon isn’t so far away! Yay!

And just so you know upfront… we didn’t neglect you this week. Beginner and Advanced Topics are BACK.


  • News: Trinity and Nova Prime Unvaulting, new augments on PC, For Fans By Fans design comp, TennoGen Rd 19 details
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #4
  • Beginner Topic: Official Warframe Streams
  • Advanced Topic: Amalgam Furex Bodycount

Episode Notes:

Trinity Prime and Nova Prime unvaulting as of May 26 (along with Dual Kamas Prime, Soma Prime, Vasto Prime, Prime Kubrow armor, and accessories)). Keep in mind this means Oberon and Nekros Prime will be leaving! 

Four new augments coming to PC! 

The For Fans By Fans t-shirt design competition for TennoCon 2020 is live! 

TennoGen Rd 19 deadline is set for July 20! If you’re working on a design, you have about 8 weeks left! 

You don’t have long, but use promo code WEALTH on the Official Warframe website to earn a free 3-day credit booster! Ends 12 PM Eastern Time on Mon 25th May. 

Home Devstream

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