Episode 98 – Universal Mods and Conclave Rambles

A quiet week for Warframe news, a quiet week for the Cephalons. But we had a backup crazy topic to discuss, which led to a whole bunch of crazy ramblings about Conclave. We’ve tried to “fix” PvP before, but dammit, we tried again. Let us know what you think of our ideas!


  • News: Deadlock Protocol confirmed for June, Trinity/Nova Prime Vault released
  • Discussion: Universal mods and conclave rambles
  • Beginner Topic: Nightwave refresher
  • Advanced Topic: Amalgam Ripkas True Steel

Episode Notes:

The Deadlock Protocol is confirmed to be releasing in June 

Trinity and Nova Prime Access is now available! 

New Deadlock Protocol teasers have been released… 

New Deadlock Protocol teasers have been released… 

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